• Tequilas & Mezcals

    At Big Sur we serve only 100% Agave Tequila.
     Unlike Mixtos, these tequilas are all made from the Blue Agave plant with the same love, dedication, and heritage as a fine Cognac or Whiskey.  
    Enjoy this selection of our favorites as they do in the Baja, along side our housemade
     ‘Verdita’; cucumber, pineapple, cilantro, jalapeno, or shaken up in a Margarita.
    Tequila: the basics
    Spanish for white, blancos are un-aged tequilas, usually fresh from the still or in barrels for less than two months.  Blancos are known for full agave flavors, with lots of spice and character
    Spanish for “rested,” Reposados are aged for less than one year, taking on some sweetness from the oak, but retaining most of the agave flavours. Reposados vary wildly in style and character, but are usually smoother than Blancos without sacrificing much spice or style.
    Spanish for”aged,” Añejos spend at least a year in oak barrels. These Tequilas absorb rich, sweet flavors from the oak and are created to be sipped like a Whisky or Brandy.
    Look for subdued spice with strong vanilla, and add ice at your own discretion.

  • Los Altos | Highlands

    The rich, volcanic soils of Los Altos produce rich, sweet and fruity Tequilas
    Ocho Blanco 2016  Puerta Del Aire 80
    Pasote Blanco 130
    Don Fulano Blanco 110
    Pasote Reposado 140
    Excellia Reposado 130
    Ocho Reposado 2015 La latilla 80
    Ocho Single Barrel Anejo 2014 180
    Pasote Anejo 150
    Ocho Anejo 2013 Los Fresnos 150

  • El Valle | Lowlands :

    From the Valley area, famous for spicy and earthy flavor, these are more rounded, with peppery notes.
    123 Organic Blanco Uno 120
    Arte Nom 1549 Blanco 120
    ArteNom 1146 Anejo 140
    Herradura Blanco 150
    Casa Noble 100% Crystal
    123 Organic Reposado Dos 140
    Herradura Reposado 150
    Casa Noble 100% Reposado 150
    123 Organic Anejo Tres 160

  • Mezcal

    Mezcal is essentially made from other Agave species in and near Oaxaca (instead of Tequila) in the far South of Mexico. Cooked underground with smoke a key ingredient in production, mezcals tend to be bolder, smokier, and more intense than tequilas
     Montelobos Mezcal Joven 100
    Bozal Mezcal Tobasiche 160
    Bozal Mezcal Ensamble 140
    Bozal Mezcal Cuixe 160
    Alipus San Andres  Joven 110
    Alipus San Baltazar Guelavila Joven 100
    Don Amado Reposado 150
    Don Amado Rustico 140
    Los Danzantes Anejo 170