Welcome to Big Sur!

Who are we

Big Sur is an all-day casual dining restaurant located in the heart of Soho, Central, Hong Kong. Listed as one of the Best American Cuisine Restaurants in Hong Kong, we focus and pride ourselves on serving good everyday food with a good vibe. We’re dedicated to serving California-inspired dishes with a healthy creative twist. Paired with our carefully handpicked brewery’s craft beer on the tap, we bring you a true Cali dining experience in HK!

What to eat

At Big Sur, you must try one of our Famous Barbeque & Grill dishes, from prime beef tri-tips that is smoked in the smoker and cooked to perfection to a good ol’ classic California burger.  We take BBQ and Grill food to a whole new level!  We cater Cali style with a healthier approach serving side dishes such as kale salad, apple fennel slaw and chunky sweet potato fries like no other. This is definitely Amercian comfort food that gives you pleasure without guilt!

What to drink

Big Sur’s bar serves:

-Everyday Fresh Pressed Juice

-14 taps of Craft Beer

-Alcohol Mixers that is made with Freshly Squeezed Juices (We call it Juice n’ Booze)

-20+ range of Tequila with 8 different mezcal

The Venue and Times

A dining room catering up to 40 and a long bar of 10 seats.

Dinner starts from 6pm, lunch from 12 noon and weekend and public holiday brunch at 10am.